At A Glance

Our Vision

TechNova will promote safety and proficiency in Nova Scotia and contribute to the province’s economic prosperity by certifying technology professionals.

TechNova will be a solution-focused organization, proactively meeting the professional needs of it’s members.

TechNova will enhance the profile of technology professions by fostering relationships with strategic partners.

Our Values

We value Respect:
By actively listening to members and stakeholders, we develop relationships from a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

We value Innovation:
We promote innovation by welcoming change, encouraging creative problem solving and continuous improvement.

We value Collaboration:
Through open communications with members and stakeholders, we foster a spirit of teamwork and co-operation by promoting inclusivity and welcoming a diversity of ideas.

We value Integrity:
We are committed to excellence and integrity in all that we do by employing high standards and incorporating best practices.

We value Service:
By providing prompt, relevant service, we are responsive to our members and the technology professions.

We value Accountability:
We are accountable to our members and stakeholders by practicing good stewardship of our resources and by being
transparent in our activities.