Code Of Ethics


The Code of Ethics and Interpretation Guidelines provide a resource for members of TechNova. They also serve as a study guide for all new applicants who must complete the Ethics Exam as part of the certification process.

Preamble: In the course of their work, members of TechNova should use their expertise to heighten the quality of life for all people. Further, they should practice their professions honourably and ethically in order to earn the confidence and respect of the public, their clients, employer, and their fellow members.The purpose of this Code is to enumerate and elaborate upon basic principles of ethical conduct that apply to members of TechNova. The following Code of Ethics shall be interpreted as a guide only, and not as a rejection of the importance of other duties not explicitly listed.

Members of TechNova shall:

1. At all times, act with professional integrity, faithfulness to the needs of the public, and fairness and loyalty to their client or employer and to their fellow members. Relations with the Public

2. Regard their duty to public welfare as paramount and take due care for the safety of life and health of the public who may be affected by the work for which they are responsible. Relations with Clients and Employers

3. Act for each client or employer as a faithful agent or trustee and act with fairness and justice between each client or employer and the contractor where contracts are involved.

4. Present clearly the consequences to be expected from deviations proposed if their judgment is overruled by a non-technical authority in cases where they are responsible for the technical adequacy of applied science technology work.

5. Engage or advise their client or employer to engage, and cooperate with, other experts and specialists whenever the client or employer’s interests are best served by doing so.

6. Promptly disclose any conflict of interest to their client or employer and refrain from engaging in activities which will affect or compete with the business of their client or employer except where they have their client or employer’s consent. Relations with Other Engineering and Applied Science Technicians and Technologists.

7. Keep informed of technological advances and endeavour to provide opportunities for the technical development and advancement of engineering and applied science technicians and technologists in their employ.

8. Take care that credit for engineering work is given to those to whom credit is properly due.

9. Not, directly or indirectly, injure the technical reputation, prospects or practice of another engineering technician or technologist.

10. Compete with other engineering technicians and technologists fairly and in good faith.

11. Present information to the proper authority for action where another engineering technician or technologist is guilty of unethical, illegal or unsafe practice and not become associated in responsibility for work with that engineering technician or technologist.

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