• “ With more and more employers seeking trained professionals I am glad I took the time to become a certified member of TechNova ”
    Mark Bamford, C. Tech
  • “ Having a Nationally recognized certification enables me to conduct myself professionally and with confidence in my knowledge and skill”
    Nate Dimock, C. Tech - Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • “ Taking pride in the excellence we have achieved in our careers...and providing support to those up and coming. That’s what membership means to me ”
    Janice Kidson, C. Tech - AMEC
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Certification refers to the process of becoming a registered member of TechNova. Membership is restricted to those technology professionals who meet the National Technology Bench Marks in three key areas:

• Academic qualifications
• Work experience
Professional ethics

Applicants for certification and registration as an Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) or Certified Technician (CTech) under the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians Act & Regulations of Nova Scotia requires both academic training and experience. The minimum academics required for AScT certification is a Diploma of Technology (2 – 3 years post secondary training) from a nationally accredited program or equivalent. The minimum academics required for CTech certification is a Technician Certificate (1 – 2 years post secondary training) from a nationally accredited program or equivalent.

AScT and CTech certification requires the applicant to have a minimum of two years of related work experience, with at least one year at the level of certification. In addition, one year of the work experience must be in Canada. Internationally trained professionals may qualify for 'Provisional' membership provided that the foreign academics and experience are acceptable. Reclassification from the 'Provisional' status is possible after the one year Canadian experience is achieved.