What are some of the many benefits of hiring certified technicians and technologists? Just to name a few:


Each member’s academic background must meet high national standards. The same high standards are used to evaluate individuals no matter where or how they were trained, ensuring consistency.


All applicants for certification must have at least two years of relevant and proven work experience. Integrity: Members are bound by a code of ethics that require they conduct themselves in a professional member with clients, colleagues and their employers.


Members voluntarily pursue certification, demonstrating their pride and commitment to a profession. To them, work is more than just a “job”.

In addition transferability agreements with other provinces and countries allow certified members convenient mobility nationally and abroad. For instance, under the Free Trade Agreement, certified technologists and technicians may qualify for work visas in the U.S.

Looking for skilled, committed workers? Look for the designations CET, C.Tech or AScT. They’re your assurance that you’re getting the best.

Hire only Certified Technology Professionals.