• “ With more and more employers seeking trained professionals I am glad I took the time to become a certified member of TechNova ”
    Mark Bamford, C. Tech
  • “ Having a Nationally recognized certification enables me to conduct myself professionally and with confidence in my knowledge and skill”
    Nate Dimock, C. Tech - Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • “ Taking pride in the excellence we have achieved in our careers...and providing support to those up and coming. That’s what membership means to me ”
    Janice Kidson, C. Tech - AMEC
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Seven steps to Certifying Your Success:

APPLY: Complete the application form. This can be downloaded from our Web site or mailed to you upon request.

PROVIDE REFERENCES: In your application be sure to include the names, fax numbers or email addresses of two professional references. They will each be sent a short Professional Reference Questionnaire that asks about your technical abilities and performance in the workplace. The completed questionnaires are sent directly to TechNova for review by the Certification Board.

INCLUDE TRANSCRIPTS: You will need to have your college, university or other educational institution send us your transcripts. These can be faxed directly to us from the school, or you can provide them in a sealed envelop from your college/university.

SUBMIT APPLICATION FEE: For first-time applicants or those wishing to reinstate, you will need to include the $100, non-refundable Application Fee with your application. This can be paid by Visa or MasterCard, debit, cash or by way of a cheque made out to TechNova.

TAKE ETHICS EXAM: If the Certification Board approves your application, you then need to complete the Professional Ethics Exam which tests your knowledge of the Code of Ethics.

PAY DUES: Pending the successful completion of the Ethics Exam, your certification and membership will take effect upon receipt of the current year's dues. Your dues will be prorated based on the month in which you're accepted.

GET INVOLVED: In addition to being certified and being permitted to hold yourself out as "certified" technology professional, you will also be eligible to all the other rights and privileges of membership. These include access to group rates on home, auto and life insurance; discounts on first-aid training and car rentals, as well as on flights with CanJet. You can also order the Technology Ring (which is worn by only certified technology professionals) and use a professional stamp customized with your name and designation. In addition you can join a committee, attend networking events, and vote on issues that affect your association and your profession. Make membership work for you. Promote your certification. Take advantage of these great deals. Stay in touch.