Certification Policy


This policy is designed to ensure that current TechNova standards of certification are maintained for International Applicants, but also addresses some of the employment challenges applicants face as new immigrants to Canada. The International Applicants will have to meet all the current academic criteria and experience requirements, with ‘Provisional Membership’ being provided for those who only lack the one year Canadian experience.

These applicants would be given full certification, to the appropriate level (AScT or CTech), provided that the individual meets the academic and total experiential requirements required at the time of their application and are a resident of Canada and shall provide proof of Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status upon request.

Their membership certification, however, would be ‘Provisional’ and contingent on completion of the one year required Canadian experience. These ‘Provisional’ members would have a maximum period of three years, from the date of their registration approval; to complete the one year Canadian experience requirement. At anytime during the three year period, the ‘Provisional’ member can apply for reclassification to have their ‘Provisional’ status upgraded to regular membership. After the three years, their membership status would automatically be required to be reassessed by the Board of Examiners. Such a reassessment could result in the Board reclassifying the individual to Associate, if the expectation is that the individual is unlikely to be able to progress to having the ‘Provisional’ status removed.

The ‘Provisional’ member status would be identified by the member having his/her designation (AScT or CTech) followed by the word ‘Provisional’ in brackets after their name, i.e. AScT (Provisional) and this status would also be tracked within the internal data base of TechNova.

Their ‘Provisional’ membership certificate would be designed specifically for their status, clearly marked as ‘Provisional’ and be differentiated from the regular membership certificate for current AScT and CTech members.


The International Applicant will have to complete the professional practice examination that would be required at the time of their application, prior to being certified and registered. The examination module would have to be provided to TechNova for evaluation of completeness and acceptability. Their international work experience would also have to be validated by references that could be directly contacted by TechNova or supported by notarized confirmation letters. The one year of Canadian work experience would also have to be at the appropriate level of certification and supported by appropriate references. Council may also stipulate that International Applicants be required to complete professional development in career orientation or pass a language competency test.

A technical report is a current requirement for AScT registration, unless waived by the Board of Examiners as part of the academic assessment. Technical reports for technologist level ITPs would also be required, unless previously waived by the Board, to be completed within the ‘Provisional’ time period of three years and before the ‘Provisional’ status is removed. The intent is to have the technical report reflect their Canadian experience.

This process for ITPs in no way degrades our current standards of membership and identifies for employers potential employees who have met the basic standards for ASTTBC certified membership. Employers will be readily able to identify that these individuals lack Canadian experience from their resumes, which employers would require to be supplied during the hiring process, and the ‘Provisional’ designation.