• “ With more and more employers seeking trained professionals I am glad I took the time to become a certified member of TechNova ”
    Mark Bamford, C. Tech
  • “ Having a Nationally recognized certification enables me to conduct myself professionally and with confidence in my knowledge and skill”
    Nate Dimock, C. Tech - Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • “ Taking pride in the excellence we have achieved in our careers...and providing support to those up and coming. That’s what membership means to me ”
    Janice Kidson, C. Tech - AMEC

Memberships & Fees

With the exception of student applications, all memberships are subject to an initial application fee of $100. For more information on types of memberships, please refer to our By-Laws.

Student | FREE

Designation: None
Available to students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university program. In addition to other benefits, the application fee is waived for students who apply for associate membership within the year they graduate. 

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Associate | $110.00 per Year

Designation: None
Available to applicants who meet the educational requirements but lack the required two years’ relevant work experience.  

Certified Engineering Technician | $165.00 per Year

Designation: C.Tech
Available to applicants who meet the national standards for training and work experience at the Technician level. The C.Tech designation is also assigned to Applied Science Technicians.  

Certified Engineering Technologist | $165.00 per Year

Designation: CET
Available to applicants who have completed a nationally accredited, technology-level program and have completed two years’ work experience in their discipline. Technology-level training normally includes calculus and the completion of a major technical report.  

Applied Science Technologist | $165.00 per Year

Designation: ASCT
Available to applicants who have completed technology-level training from an accredited applied science program, or it’s equivalent, and who have two years’ relevant and discipline-specific work experience.  

Non-Active | $82.50 per Year

Designation: Varies
A temporary status granted to members who are unemployed or who are not working in their area of practice. During this time, members may continue to use their designation.  

Retired | $82.50 per Year

Designation: Varies
Retired membership may be requested by members who have retired from the applied science / engineering technology profession and meet specific criteria as outlined in Association policy. Retired does not include those who have left applied science or engineering technology and are working in other fields.

RETIRED Plus  | $20.00 PER YEAR

Designation: Varies
Upon proof of retirement, members can apply for this special status while still maintaining the right to use their professional designation.  

Late fees apply for all overdue accounts. Charges will be applied as follows:
Active: $49.00
Associate: $22.00
Retired: $15.00

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