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Awarded each year to a certified technician or technologist affiliated with one of the member associations of CCTT, the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists, the National Achievement Award is given in recognition of the member's technical achievements in one of the 14 recognized engineering or applied science disciplines.

Eligibility Criteria: The competition is open to any technician or technologist registered with a member association (Constituent Member) of the Council and who is actively working in one of the engineering or applied science technology disciplines. Other criteria include:
• The nominee/applicant must be a Canadian Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status
• The nominee/applicant outstanding achievement/performance must have taken place in Canada within the last five years
• All nominees/applicants will consent to the use of their name and photograph for the purposes of publicizing the results of the award and/or publicizing future award programs

Submission Guidelines: The following questions are designed to elicit information of a sufficiently detailed nature to assist in the adjudication of the nominee/applicant:
• Briefly describe the nominee/applicant and his/her activities in one or more of the eligible fields of technology
• Provide details of any unique or significant scientific developments undertaken by the nominee/applicant
• Provide a brief curriculum vitae of the nominee/applicant
• List any achievements of the nominee/applicant that have been honoured by other technical or scientific bodies in the last two years
• Describe any economic impact or other benefits, which may result from the achievements of the nominee/applicant
• Selection Process: Each application is adjudicated by the CCTT Officers of the Council, who are responsible for selecting 3-5 finalists. The finalists are then evaluated by the full Board of Directors by mail ballot.

Award Benefits: Presentation of the award is made by the CCTT President at the Annual National Directors Meeting. CCTT will pay expenses for the recipient to attend the Awards Banquet to accept the award. In addition:
• The recipient's name is engraved on a national trophy kept on display at CCTT's national office
• The recipient will receive a personalized CCTT plaque to honour their achievement
• To apply or for more information, contact TechNova.

National Achievement Award